• eligibility-conditions

Eligibility Conditions


Any one of the following qualifications is necessary for an applicant to be eligible for consideration. All foreign qualifications must be supported by an Equivalence Certificate issued by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) of Pakistan with the application.

  • A minimum overall score of 60% in Pre-Medical group of Higher Secondary School Certification or equivalent in Pakistan.
  • British Advanced Level Certification with Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics. The score should be over 60% (Pre-Medical) in the IBCC Equivalence.
  • US Grade-12 or Canadian-Grade 12 or 13 Diploma (minimum GPA 3.0) accompanied by an Equivalence Certificate from the IBCC of at least 60% HSSC Pre-Medical qualification (that will require inclusion of Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics, and English in the final 3 years).
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (12th grade) from other countries with Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics accompanied by an Equivalence Certificate from IBCC of at least 60% HSSC pre-medical qualification.