Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria


All admissions to the MBBS program will be carried out as per the following criteria and all the prevailing rulesand regulations ofthe Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) in this regard will be considered as part of this criteria.

  • Students of any age and gender from all provinces of Pakistan, Islamabad, FATA, and foreign/dual national/overseas can apply for admission.
  • The candidate who is a Pakistani national or defined as an Overseas Pakistani under applicable law and may hold dual nationality and may be resident or non-resident in Pakistan.

  • The candidate/ applicant must have obtained 65% or more aggregate score ( in all science subjects cumulatively) in their, A-Level or any equivalent HSSC qualification (duly certified by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) as equivalent to HSCC or F.Sc level of Pakistan) as prescribed by PMC regulations.

  • The candidate must have passed PMC national MDCAT Examination for the year 2021 as per PMC regulations.

  • The candidate who holds only a Foreign Nationality and is not a Pakistani
  • The candidate must have obtained 65% or more aggregate score (in all science subjects cumulatively), in an examination of a course from a foreign university or its examining body or its education system in at least three subjects e., biology, chemistry and either physics or mathematics and such course must have been duly certified by IBCC as equivalent to HSSC, F.Sc. or intermediate level of Pakistan.
  • The candidate must have passed PMC national MDCAT Examination for the year 2021 as per PMC regulations.

Weightage of Merit

Matric or equivalent qualification as per IBCC


F.Sc. or equivalent qualification as per IBCC


National MDCAT


Institutional Interview/ MMI 

To keep the admission process transparent, interview will be conducted but  equal marks shall be awarded to all the candidates.


Number of Seats



  • The advertisement for acceptance of registration applications will be given on
  • A student may apply for admission irrespective of them having taken the MDCAT or HSSC or equivalent 12th grade qualification exam subject to the requisite results being available and provided by the student to the college prior to 10th December 2021.
  • If any HSSC or equivalent 12th grade qualification result is delayed beyond 10th December 2021 the student’s application for admission shall be retained by the college and shall be applicable for the next academic year.
  • The merit would be based upon the marks obtained by the students in the science electives only as per the instructions of PMC. These subjects include Biology, Chemistry & Physics / Math.
  • The college will schedule the interview as per the application form numbers.
  • Any student needing a change in schedule (due to overlap of the interview schedule with another college) will have to send a written request at at least three days before interview time and date, for issuance of new schedule by the college.
  • The final merit list of selected students on local and foreign seats, after adding the matric, intermediate, MDCAT and interview marks, along with fee submission schedule, will be notified as per timeline given by PMC i.e., 15th December 2021.
  • The Matric and Intermediate (or equivalent) certificates or credentials of the admitted students will be sent to respective boards for verification and after receiving the verification, the FINAL LIST of admitted students along with verifications will be forwarded to UHS and PMC for registration of the students with both authorities.
  • Any students whose certificates/credentials are not duly verified or are found to be false or forged shall have the admission terminated with immediate effect and his/her details will be communicated to UHS and PMC for further necessary action. The college will offer admission / fee submission offer against that vacant seat to the next student in waiting list.
  • These rules, regulations and timelines can be modified according to any new Federal/Provincial Government Policies and/or any new PMC notifications issued after the announcement of these admission regulations 2021-22.

  • Candidates must get updated information from college website or college admission office at time of applying for the above programs.