Anatomy is the oldest medical discipline, which covers the study of biological structure at various levels. Objective of the department is to teach the subject of Anatomy to the undergraduate students in a comfortable and friendly environment and make them acquainted with structure of the human body along with relevant clinical aspects.

The curriculum of Anatomy covers all aspects of cell biology, Gross and Microscopic Anatomy, Embryology and Neuro-anatomy. The study of cell biology includes light and electron microscopic structures and function of cells. Gross Anatomy covers the study of structure and functions of human organ systems by performing dissection of human body and study with the help of cadaveric specimens, models, and charts to build a clear concept. Medical imaging techniques including X-ray, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging are also included in radiological anatomy. The study of Embryology covers the principles of reproduction, fetal growth and development with explanation of various structural relationships in the human body and basics of developmental anomalies. The study of Neuro-anatomy covers the basic principles of organization and functions of nervous system.

The department is well equipped with histology laboratory, a modern Anatomy museum containing both cadaveric specimens and artificial models. Dissection hall has a mortuary adequate for two cadavers and well furnished with dissection/ prosection facilities under the supervision of senior faculty and technical staff.

The students are regularly subjected to formative in house test in all sections of the courses and upon receiving the results the students are counseled by their respective teacher so that they can identify the gaps of information and bridge these in light of the instructions given by their respective teachers.