Doctor’s Trust Teaching Hospital

Doctor Trust Teaching Hospital It is a 400 bedded hospital, situated at Islamabad Road (Bhalwal Road) within the premises of academic campus. Doctor’s Trust Teaching Hospital caters for population of more than 4 Million of the surrounding areas. In addition to providing outpatient facilities, it provides intensive care as well as five Operation theaters for General Surgery. Orthopedic Surgery and Ophthalmology. Separate delivery rooms are available for child birth. Patients are seen and evaluated at several rural camps and are referred to this hospital for diagnostic workup, inpatient and outpatient services. The Surgical department consists of two units, headed by experienced faculty. The department of Medicine consists of two units. The Obstetrics and Gynecology department also consists of two units. All types of Gynecological & Obstetrical operation are being performed. The Orthopedics department is headed by an experienced Professor Orthopedic Surgeon. This department is very well attended and is equipped with state of the art equipment. In addition to these departments of Ophthalmology, Radiology, ENT, Pediatrics, Urology, Dermatology and Psychiatry are very well attended and are fully equipped with modern equipment. An emergency department is also functioning 24 hours and is taking good care of all sort of emergencies.

This includes the following:

  • 2 lecture halls with latest multimedia projection facility.
  • An excellent library.
  • Computer lab with broadband internet facility.
  • Tuck Shop
  • Attractive salary package
  • Medical Cover
  • Hostel & transport facility
  • Continuous on job education
  • Continuous career development