To be a competent physician, one should be very sound and competent in pharmacology. Students gain a thorough knowledge of medications, such as various routes of administration, mechanisms of action, pharmaceutics, clinical uses & adverse drug reactions and dosage schedules. With a professional, dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty guiding them, students can look forward to an interesting learning experience.

Laboratory and Museum

Pharmacology department has a separate fully equipped laboratory along with a multimedia that provides the resources for practical training in experimental pharmacology and clinical pharmacology. The department has a well-designed museum displaying neatly mounted specimens and several detailed and highly informative charts and graphs of various types.


The faculty of Pharmacology Department provides substantial leadership and participation in the Pharmacology and Therapeutics course taught during whole year.The department also helps in grooming in research activities & co curricular activities.At the under graduate level, the department’s interest is best reflected in the Pharmacology & therapeutics core knowledge and its clinical application.The aims & objectives defined for the course are designed appropriately and their achievement is ensured by carefully drafted curriculum delivered by professional staff.The research experience of the faculty staff is shared with the students to strengthen their knowledge.


Animal House enforcement & development for the research activities of faculty members.Two years M Phil program in future affiliated with UHS & HEC

Faculty Members

Dr. Saeed Akram Bhatti



Dr. Farooq Sultan

Assistant Professor

MBBS, M.Phil, MCPS(Family Medicine)