Behavioural Sciences

Behavioural Sciences

Introduction to Behavioural Sciences Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences provides interactive education, problem based learning (PBL) and clinical care in mental health and behavioral sciences. In Behavioral Sciences we teach psychology, sociology, or anthropology, deal primarily with human emotions and often seeks to generalize about human behavior in society. To ensure the training of medical students in Bio-Psycho-Social model of health care we focus on developing the art and science of effective communication with patients and their families. Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has been working in its full capacity. We have In-patient and OPD facility for counselling of Medical students and patients with the help of a trained psychologist having advance diploma in Clinical Psychology. We endeavor for the deliverance of optimal standard of care through evaluation of mental and emotional disorders of individuals through observation, interview, Mental State Examination, Psychometric testing and administer psychotherapy, Psychotropic by involving the family. We advised Psycho-education to patient and care-giver especially for the disorders which carry stigma in society.

Faculty Members

Dr Muhammad Usman Ghani 

Assistant  Professor


Dr Muhammad Ashraf Awan