Department of Medicine of Rai Medical College is one of the most established department of Rai Medical College with a very healthy OPD and a busy Indoor.


We have 2 indoor units with separate male and female ward. We have separate designated facilities for Dengue, Tetanus, open pulmonary tuberculosis, aggressive psychiatric patients, addiction treatment center and communicable diseases, one 6-8 beds space for each and we have specially trained paramedical manpower for these facilities. Both wards have attached space for bedside diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

We also have 10 private rooms for our affording patients.

We also have well equipped CCU and ICU units where we can provide specialized care to our patients. ICU is basically under the Anesthesia Department in close liaison with medicine.

We have a good diagnostic backup with laboratory, sonography and X-Ray setups round the clock.


We have a fully functional GI endoscopy unit. We have both conventional fibroscopes and videoscopes for upper and lower GI tract and pediatric scope for upper GI. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out in routine at highly subsidized rated. Each batch of final year students gets a chance to visit these procedures. College is in final negotiation for establishing ERCP facility. We have two list every week with 8-10 diagnostic and 2-5 therapeutic procedures.


We have a clinical demonstration room fully equipped with audio-visual system for our clinical teaching and demonstration of different procedures. We have tailored our timetable for 3rd year, 4th year and final year to utilize the facility for all three clinical classes. We have a structured teaching program with well defined time schedule and learning goals. Our classes are divided in four batches for each academic session. Regular evaluation during the session and end-session assessment are done regularly. Each batch is required to prepare at least three CPCs during their rotation. We conduct a Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support program with each batch where students learn and practice their skills on dummy.


Department of Medicine is participating very actively in the research projects. We always involve our house officers and students in these projects. Currently we are working on the following projects.

1, Evidence of Insulin Resistance in non-diabetics with Coronary Heart Disease

2, Evidence of Insulin Resistance in hypertensive patients.

3, Evidence of Insulin Resistance in patients with infarcted CVA.

4, Different body parameters of obesity and strength of their relationship with other components of metabolic syndrome.

5, Different body parameters of obesity and strength of their relationship with HOMA-IR score.

6, Different body parameters of obesity and strength of their relationship with Diabetes and Hypertension.

7, Gestational and perimenopausal vasomotor hypertension as a predictor for essential hypertension in postmenopausal females.

8, Inadvertent labelling of hypertension in peri-menopausal females with vasomotor symptoms.

9, Inadvertent labelling of hypertension in anxious patient especially during panic attack.

10, Severity index of vasomotor symptoms in different phases of peri-menopausal females.

11, Response of Vasomotor Perimenopausal Symptoms to SSRIs.