Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine


  • Forensic Medicine is a very broad subject and is branch of science which deals with the study of application of medical knowledge to purpose of law for furtherance of the justice. Our department is very well equipped with offices of professor and lecturers, along with lecture theaters, tutorial rooms. Department also contained the fully equipped Serological laboratory where serological practical’s have been performed for MBBS 3rd year students. MBBS 3rd year students also learned about the medico legal cases and postmortem examination. Department have all types of models and artificial weapons, X-rays for better learning of students. Department welcome the students in MBBS 3rd year which is very well equipped to provide quality medical and medico legal teachings for the furtherance of Justice to serve the country.

Aims and Objectives:

  • At the end of the year M.B, B.S students should be able to understand the knowledge and skill of the subject in following aspects;He or she should be aware of etiquettes, Medical ethics, duties, rights, medical negligence & legal responsibilities of the physicians towards humanity, patient, society, profession,& state.Able to Identify, examine & prepare report or certificate in daily routine medico legal cases/situations.Able to understand the medico legal autopsy and   interpret autopsy findings with other relevant investigations to logically conclude the cause, manner & time since death.He or she should know how to preserve and dispatch the evidence and specimens to the concerned Government agencies.Awareness of relevant legal/court procedures for medico legal and medical practice.Able to manage medico legal implications, diagnosis & principles of therapy, analytical, environmental, occupational & preventive aspects of toxicology of common poisons.

Faculty Members

Dr Mudassar Hussain Abbasi