• Pathology is that branch of medicine which is concerned with causes and development of diseases. Knowledge of pathology forms bridging link between basic and clinical sciences. It also encompasses various modalities used for diagnosis of these diseases. Without accurate diagnosis, the selection of a course of treatment for a particular disease may be limited. The Department of Pathology is proud to have very experienced and dedicated teaching faculty. The subject of pathology is taught as per guidelines of PM&DC.It is also affiliated with attached teaching hospital (Doctor’s Trust Teaching Hospital) in order to provide quality diagnostic services in all sub specialties of pathology (Hematology, Microbiology, Chemical Pathology, Histopathology) along with Blood Bank / Transfusion facilities.

Aims & Objectives:

  • The objective is to train competent medical professionals. The Department of Pathology is actively involved in undergraduate MBBS teaching programmes. The students are taught pathology in 2 Years (3rd & 4th Year). 3rd Year pathology consists of General Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology and Immunology. 4th Year pathology is organ / system based. All major systems are covered along with the protocol of laboratory diagnosis. Pathological aspects of the diseases of hematopoietic system and blood transfusion medicine are also taught.Special emphasis is given to impart Knowledge regarding common pathogens responsible for disease production, how pathogens / factors cause disease, clinical symptomatology related to particular disease, underlying processes helping the body to combat disease and available diagnostic lab techniques for common diseases. Multiple teaching modalities are used to deliver the course content with the help of interactive lecturing, small group discussion and hands on practice of common basic laboratory tests / interpretation of lab reports.

Future Plans:

  • Postgraduate training & research to produce highly trained manpower in the field of pathology as per needs of government and private sector.

Faculty Members

Prof Dr. Abdur Rehman


MBBS, M.Phil(Hematology)

Prof Dr. Tanveer Zia Qureshi


MBBS, M.Phil(Hematology), MCPS

Prof Dr. Nadia Aslam


MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Nazma Kiran

Associate Professor(Histopathology)

MBBS, M.Phil

Prof Dr. Sumera Sharif Arain

Assistant Professor(Histopathology)


Dr. Parvez Azam Malik

Assistant Professor(Chemical Pathology)

MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Shahid Mehmood

Assistant Professor(Hematology)


Dr. Zile-e Huma

Assistant Professor(Microbilogy)

MBBS, M.Phil