Community Medicine

Community Medicine


Community Medicine is one of the major subjects taught during 4th year of MBBS syllabus. It has a broad canvas of educating the public health medicine, epidemiology and bio statistics. It imparts the knowledge of disease prevention and mandatory research activities helping them in their future healthcare career. Hands on training is imparted through educational field visits.The department has a well-equipped museum displaying specimens and different educational charts and graphs for self-learning purposes.

Aims and Objectives

The learned faculty of community medicine department is providing the best educational leadership to the students for their successful future career in healthcare. We are providing highest level state of the art knowledge and personal grooming to our students to be ready for future challenges of their life. They are well equipped to practice public health medicine and epidemiological interventions for disease control and health promotion at community level.

Future Plans

We are eager to develop state of the art center of excellence for research activities to develop EBM. It will improve the healthcare of ailing humanity

Faculty Members

Dr Zahid Masood


MBBS, MCPS, Master of Population & HR

Dr Zafar Latif Awan 

Associate Professor